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Friday, September 5, 2008


image This week on Survivor: WILMYWOOD, The Lo.Co. tribe prepares for monsoon season, with Tropical Storm Hanna on its way, and Fearsome Ike right behind her. As they hunker down for a rainy, windy weekend, confined to their shelter with a (hopefully) adequate stock of supplies, tree mail arrives to inform them they will not be exempt from the Immunity Challenge. The task? Penelope must defend her sanity against the whiny, alternately bored and frightened children at her feet, drawing on her deepest stores of patience, creativity, and a handful of materials to entertain, soothe, distract, and otherwise refrain from voting them both OFF THE ISLAND. If everyone makes it out alive, Penelope wins. Will she once again outplay, outwit, and outlast the competition? Stay tuned.

7 tips left at the bar:

Andi said...

oooh! Good luck! I definitely want insider reports of all the inter-tribe drama.

(so creative, LOVE it!)

almost anonymous said...

I hope you're planning a good reward challenge for when you've made it.

Bj in Dallas said...

Hey Megan
stopping by to tell you that you won the beer glass on my contest! would you email me your address at And then you will get a lovely package in the mail soon! Insured for millions, its a collectors item I'm sure-
Racie will not be happy if she sees it on Ebay
see you soon!

ashley said...

I hope Hanna wasn't too bad...from the sounds of it, the storm outside might not be as scary as the one inside! ;) I'd totally bet on you winning Survivor! (Can we form an alliance???)

Kim said...

Isn't there some kind of Johnny Fairplay element you can use here? Like, if the other tribespeople don't behave, Cookie Monster bites it?

Man. I am going to be the worst parent EVER.

niki said...

Pen, I hope you guys made it out ok. The hurricane was the "main event" up here as well. People are so desperate for drama that you wouldn't believe the number of people out and about afterwards scoping the scene for the damage. Hilarious.

penelope said...

I did fare okay, y'all, thanks! Our power was out from the middle of the night until the middle of the afternoon, and that was really all. A few plants fell over and one of the pots smashed. Frankly, I was surprised the power was even out that long, because the storm wasn't that impressive? But it did put my Survivor Skills to the test.

People just love a good disaster. I noticed nearly all the bread was sold out at Target-- because if clearly if there is an impending disaster, one needs bread.