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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Love, Actually.

All this political discourse has made the bar somewhat aggro.  I present this video, a true story, to calm the tensions and warm your hearts.  I have now watched it three times, and I cry every. single. time.  If you have an adverse reaction to this video, I suppose I cannot ban you from the bar, but you have an ice-cold, Voldemort heart (and you are probably voting Republican : ).

(Ok, you can have an adverse reaction to the audio, but even if you mute it, the damn thing is incredibly adorable.)

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Anonymous said...

I love this video and I heard they are making a movie based on the story. I don't always have a cold heart!

mendacious said...

well... i might've teared up but i'm still voting republican

our show did a segment on this... it is really a very awesome story. i was kind of bummed that the lion couldn't be found after 84 i think but that they had visited him a few times after this-- but that he had a family and a full life before he died-- and instead of dying in a cage he died free. did you know they bought him at harrods? dept store? kah-razy!

penelope said...

Yes, the audio's dreadful... but awwww! Too sweet. It's killing me they bought him at Harrod's. They certainly didn't have lions on sale when I was there!

niki said...

I also heard they are making a movie out of it. Put another animal movie on the list of animal movies that makes me cry.

I watched a couple of interviews with those dudes recently, and even though the story begins with an exotic animal caged in a department store, it ends with a nature reserve being established in honor of the man who helped introduce him to the wild.

sheila said...

I absolutely adore this video! Thanks for posting. My hubby, the Englishman, remembers this from 'back in the day' -- and I think seeing the video made him cry too!