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Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm a Waffle Ho

Finally! My camera arrived via the good ol' USPS and now I can photographically confirm that I did in fact complete the Waffle House Challenge as laid out to me by Molly.

And it was slide-down-your-gullet-good, in that greasy way that only Waffle House can be. Mmm... Scattered and covered, with cheese eggs...

I briefly thought about taking baby Ashley in with us on our foray to the WaHo. She didn't have shoes on and doesn't have any teeth, so I thought she might fit in pretty well. That reminds me! On a slightly drunk night several years ago I was privy to see one of the nastiest sights I had come across in a great while: a girl coming out of the Waffle House bathroom, barefoot.


3 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

That picture is fantastic!

And that story about the barefoot girl coming out of the bathroom makes me shudder.

sheila said...

Was it Britany Spears?! That makes me think of that 'phase' when she was head-shaving crazy & walked out of a gas station bathroom bare-footed. ICK!

DJones said...

Not sure what the WaHo challenge is all about, but that picture's great. love the symmetric privacy screening for you and the alleged "Waffle House"... ;]