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Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm A Big Girl, Tell Me What You Think

This past week when I was all out of town and busy eating up the cuteness that is baby Anderson, I didn't do the daily dose of news and commentary. Did you notice?

Let me know what you think about those daily posts. Should I keep them up and give the patrons their daily dose of Smartini? Or should I let them quietly fade away and find other uses for my time? I could go either way, but seeing as how we are a democratic lot, I thought I would leave it up to you.

Let me have it, I can take it!

BTW: I just got word that one of regulars, Karen, just had her baby last week! Congratulations to Karen and her family on new baby Meghan! (Such a sweet girl, that Karen, naming her baby after me and all...) Be sure to toast Karen, I'm sure she will see and appreciate it, even through her new mom fog!

4 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

So does this mean she missed the 90210 rerun? Kidding, kidding. Congratulations, Karen!!

Karen said...

Pen- I SURE DID! I went into labor the day of the rerun! I guess I missed the controversial opening scene. Oh well. Jason missed a football game too.

Karen aka "Whatdaya mean there's no time for an epidural?!!!!"

penelope said...

Girl, that's what online episodes are for! (First full ep link is on the right.)

No epidural?! Gasp.

kwr221 said...

As far as the poll, can I pick number 1 and the part of number 3 where I ask you to comment on my blog? You can clean your house if you want, but it's obviously not as important as blogging commitments. ;-)