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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

90210 Redux


I may be the only bartender brave enough to admit she watched the new version of 90210, but I have it on good authority that at least one other bartender was a HUGE fan of the old version and was known to watch episode after episode to cure a Sunday afternoon hangover(*cough* Tempe *cough*).

The internets are abuzz about the new show, so naturally I assumed almost everyone was watching. Silly me! I scolded my 20-year-old little sister for calling me during the opening 3 minutes. She laughed at me and said, "Really?! Come on, Nik!" It appears that sisterly bond I shared with my older sister discussing who was hotter - Dylan or Brandon - won't be repeated with the younger generation. Whoops. Just lost cool points with the college crowd. Which made me start thinking - is this show for them or for me anyway? She didn't have a history with Kelly, Dylan, David, Brandon, Donna, and Steve; I did. To her it's just another bad imitation of The OC, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, etc. For me, it's a reinvention of a childhood staple.

But I digress. Thoughts about the first ep:

* GIVE THAT GIRL A SANDWICH! For reals. You could snap Annie in two pieces.

* Love the incorporation of Andrea's daughter and Kelly and David's little sister

* Lori Laughlin and Jennie Garth are hot.

* Naomi is totally channeling Jesse Spano's look.

* Really does look like The OC.

* I'm glad the kid from The Wire found some work, but I was hoping they would give him a little more depth besides being the token black kid at West Bev

* Is it just me or are the old guys (teachers) way hotter than the young ones? Am I just old?

* Who is Annie going to hook up with first? I hope it's Ethan, because Ty gives me the creeps. (Well, I guess it was Ty. Ugh. Poor Ethan and the Pentapus.)

* Brenda and Kelly hug it out! And uh, Brenda looks like crap, like she's two tarot cards away from being crazy. Has the gap between her two front teeth always been so icky?

Did you guys watch? (Molly, I KNOW you did!) What did you think? Will you watch again next week?

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Andria said...

Ok, Nik, did you vote twice in your own poll? How can there be 3 votes already and no comments?!
Anyway, I just finished watching it and I'm so glad I did, so I can participate in this discussion (the very reason I made sure to watch it on time) I so expected this to be Pen posting, because she and I have been discussing it already, so no fear, you are not the only barmaid trying to recapture a bit of our youth!! At first, it was painful and they were trying too hard to set things up (and Hubby made me change it - he truly was a die hard fan of the original and got me back into watching it when we started dating, so I was hoping he'd be on board with me) but I do think it got better.

Forget Annie, I think that Silver chick definitely needs to eat!!! We did catch Andrea's daughter's cameo and I agree that Brenda looked rough!

I swear, has LL aged AT ALL?

And Naomi was the bad Catholic school girl on Nip/Tuck, so I'm having issues with her.

Who IS that teacher/lacrosse coach?! He is so hot (loving the scruff) and I know him from somewhere, but can't place him (I'm sure I could go look him up now, but it's late - I'll save that for tomorrow, er, today - when someone else does it for me and tells me directly). Honestly, Nik, I thought he looked like your Jakey-poo a bit.

Ty is pretty hot, though, come on. I'm not sure I'm digging the sweet innocent Ethan angle yet from the shocking first scene with him!
Overall, I felt like a lot of things were fairly see-through and predictable - the pentapus story was pretty built up. But, there definitely was a good bit of drama and dirt slung for the first episode. I'll stay tuned a bit longer. . .

Anonymous said...

The lacross teacher is Ryan, and he used to be in Dirt and I think he is lovely! I did watch but I wasn't overly impressed and have to admit, I felt very old. I preferred the scenes with Kelly, also thought Brenda looked rough (her mouth is so not pretty) and thought the reference to Andrea's daughter was a bit too much. Still, I will tune in next week because I have to give it the benefit of the doubt, and because I created the Peach Pitini martini to drink while watching it!

niki said...

I agree, there were moments that Ryan looked like Jake. Then there were moments when he looked like Edward Norton. Still other moments he channeled Ryan Gosling. I dunno, though, I really dug him at first, then there was something weird I didn't like. I'll have to give it some time...

Yeah, Silver needs to eat as well. And for that matter, so does LL!

I wish I had a peach pitini to drink...maybe next week I'll round one up!

niki said...

Oh, and no I didn't vote more than once in my own poll! I hope people will vote even if they don't comment! Vote as my times as you like :)

penelope said...

I closed my eyes as soon as I saw "spoilers." I'll be commenting as soon as I catch up, guys! I'm only about 20 minutes in.

Karen said...

Crap! Am I the only one that didn't realize it was coming on? What time was it? And do you remember all the guys in highschool (class of '95-whoo hoo!) who tried DESPERATELY to grow sideburns just like Dylan?

Andi said...

Thanks, Molly! I actually had the epiphany last night after going to bed, it finally came to me that he was from Dirt with Courtney Cox. Nik - he did channel a lot of different guys, which is odd and hot and off at the same time! I still like him. And his scruff.

And the dad/principal was in Melrose Place, wasn't he? Anyone?

I definitely think I need to look into the Peach Pitini recipe for next week's viewing. It might make me less critical?

BOTB said...

Watched it. Loved it and I really do think it's made for those of us who were in love with the original. I love how they've incorporated so much of the original show. Now they just need to bring the old guys back and I'll be one happy camper

Smilf said...

Are you kidding me?! I was glued to it! I grew up with the original, so no way was I missing this one. I had the same thought about Annie - way too fugging skinny but pretty. I'm loving it so far.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the principal was in Melrose Place and also used to be married to Josie Bisset who was also in MP! Am I really that sad and pathetic?

Okay, if you want a perfect Peach Pitini, head over to my other blog at and make one, they are fantabulous!

penelope said...

Well I have to say, I'm already hooked!
Fav things:
The snarky grandma, aka Mrs. Bluth from Arrested Development. Kelly Taylor (yes, I voted for her, for hottie.) Annie, because she was on Degrassi, and I just kind of love her character here--she's naive, but honest, and also unafraid. Silver, not only for her name and the fact that she's David's little sister, but she was the devil's alleged daughter on Reaper, so I can't help but like her. Her character's cool. Ethan was pretty hot. I like that Kelly and Brenda get along now. And that Nat can't work the damn coffee machine.

I didn't like:
Naomi's hair, and the fact that she looks 28. Brenda's weird gap-tooth. Ty--sorry, but I thought he was creepy and not to be trusted overall.

I like how they've incorporated all the fun inside stuff from the old show, but the acting and writing are good enough on their own to sustain it for the next generation, I think. Good times, overall.

penelope said...

Hey, I'm a little late for Eastern Time Zone here, but they're REPLAYING the first episode tonight in case you missed it. Someone tell Karen!