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Thursday, August 28, 2008

While You Were at the Bar 8/28

News you can use:

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency for the impending landfall of Hurricane Gustav. Projections have Gustav as possibly hitting New Orleans and the Gulf Coast by late Monday.

No more 'presumptive nominee' for the Dems, people, it's official. The blue ticket will be Obama/Biden.

Convicted killer Jeffery Duncan III has been sentenced to death for the kidnapping, torture, assault and murder of a 9 year old boy. This guy is SICK, and I'm sorry, but after the jury had to watch a video of his heinous acts, how could they NOT sentence this guy to death?

News you can lose:

Am I the only one wathcing the DNC speeches? We gotta know this stuff, y'all. To be Smartini, ladies, we have GOT TO PAY ATTENTION! If you are like me, you saw Joe Biden winning people over left and right (oh, man, that was a fantastic pun). And his moms! Did you see his mom? Holy cow, I loved her! Oh, and BTW, Biden's wife Jill is hot.

(Whoa, are the Dems really trying to appeal to a certain demographic with all of the God references? Hill did it last night and then Biden tonight. Hmmm.)

Word of the Day:

naif (adjective): 1. Naive 2. A naive or inexperienced person

Only a naif Smartini reader would be shocked to read that we are discussing our undies.

(I know FOR SURE that I haven't used this word before! Thanks, Andi, for calling me out on repeating myself with the WOD yesterday. Oops!)

5 tips left at the bar:

Karen said...

I'm watching the convention! Plan on watching the Republican one as well. Boy, Sen. Biden did a fabulous job last night. And yes, I was totally hooked by his Irish-Catholic references, coming from an Irish-Filipino-Catholic fam myself!

penelope said...

I cannot watch the convention. I just can't. Either side. It weirds me out that so.many.people are waaaay into a political party such as they are. Is that wrong? Don't get me wrong, I care about the election. But it all seems like one big phony party to me.

This may explain why I was never popular in school.

Megan said...

Karen, I ended up feeling like it was forced and intentional, something that I don't really care for. Do it if you mean it, not just to get votes.

Pen, please tell me that you are getting election info somewhere else, then? The conventions certainly don't tell you all you need to know about the candidates, but I think you can definitely learn something (if you can stomach it!). There tends to be a bit of political chatter at my office and I like to be able to speak intelligently when bashing candidates. Ha ha!

penelope said...

Eh, I'll get my info online, preferably in a non-partisan spreadsheet format. :) Don't worry, my decision(s) will be informed.

sheila said...

I'm watching, but I'm not sure that I'm getting much from it. The speeches have been pretty good - I liked Biden's & the fact that he was fired up. But don't really feel like I've learned anything new.

I'll probably watch the Rep one next week, just so I'm not a naif citizen!