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Monday, August 25, 2008

While You Were at the Bar 8/25

News you can use:

Ah politics:

Senator Obama chose Senator Joe Biden to be his VP. Biden brings years of experience to the table, most notably foreign relations experience.

The Democratic National Committee voted yesterday to restore Florida and Michigan's full voting rights at the convention. This move could be seen as trying to unify the party, or it could be seen as letting the rule breakers out of their punishment.

The Democratic National Convetion gets underway tonight in Denver. Bill Clinton is among several well known speakers. With Fla. and Mich. delegates voting, will Hill contend for the nomination?

Tropical Storm Fay just wouldn't leave Florida this weekend and caused massive rains and flooding. President Bush has declared several counties a 'major disaster area.'

News you can lose:

The Olympics are finito, much to addled brain's delight, but I'm still a little let down. As I'm sure you all are now that you won't get to read my daily dish. Everybody say it with me now: 'Awwwww...' (Did you see the mayor of London during the closing ceremony? He looked like a goober with his coat open and shaggy hair.)

Word of the Day:

(noun): A state of mutual harmony, friendship, and respect, especially between or among nations or people; civility

Aren't the Olympics just the perfect display of comity, what with everyone from all different coutries gettting along? Or, is there really a whole bunch of comity? Or does everyone hate the U.S. for sending a boatload of athletes and racking up the medal count?

2 tips left at the bar:

Sheila said...

Hi there - found you through ournameisblog & dontoverthinkit blogs so far I love it! And I'm very excited about the virtual book club!

I just had to comment about the mayor of London: my husband is English, and was SO embarassed by old Boris. Obviously, no one told him how to behave outside of a pub! he only needed to know 3 things: 1. get a haircut 2. button your coat 3. don't put your hands in your pockets

I'm torn about the Olympics. Right now, I'm just glad I can go to bed at a decent hour again!

Molly said...

Sheila, I'm from England (tell your husband I am a Brummie!) and unfortunately it is because Boris is a Londoner! Had he been from "up north" he would have looked the part!