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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bartender’s Choice: BOOKS

This week at the bar, you will walk away ever more Smartini. Each of the ladies will recommend a book to you all, our patrons, offering the basic 411 and a teaser.

The rules:

  1. The Smartini barmaid will have read and enjoyed said book, though not necessarily in recent weeks or months.
  2. The Smartini barmaid will not recommend any book in the Harry Potter series, because that’s too easy, and if you haven’t read the Harry Potter books yet, it’s a given that you must do so immediately.
  3. Recommended book selection will (ideally) not be something that everyone has already heard of and/or read.
By the end of the week, we want you tripping out of the bar and down the street to your local library. Because remember: Smartini ladies are well-rounded ladies. And more importantly, your drinking arm could always use a good book to balance out the other.

1 tips left at the bar:

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMGosh i am soooo excited for this. It will be like a virtual book club! Except we won't have to have read the book! Or brush our hair and change out of our pajamas to participate!