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Thursday, August 14, 2008

While You Were at the Bar 8/14

News you can use:

Oh hell, y'all, we might be in trouble. Russia pressured the U.S. to choose between them and Georgia and the U.S. chose Georgia. I'm not saying that Russia was right in what they did, but holy crap do we want to go pissing off RUSSIA?

The chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney, was shot and killed in his office yesterday.

If you have burning questions about the Olympics, check out Fourth Place Medal. It's a blog on Yahoo that is pretty funny and answers *burning* questions, like 'why do the divers all shower off?' and 'who is the hot Paraguayan?' Um, the Paraguayan is pretty damn hot. And this blog is awesome. If you are an Olympics fiend, check it out. You will be there FOREVER.

News you can lose:


- I am not the only barmaid with an Olympics compulsion. See Niki and see Ashley.

- When the swimmers lean over to the next lane to congratulate each other, how exactly does that go when they don't speak the same language? I know a smile and a pat on the back probably means the same thing across countries, but I see some of them talking. Hmmm.

- Michael 'ephing phast' Phelps is becoming cuter with each interview. He seems like a nice guy. Awwww!

- One of the swimmers' last name is Tancock, which makes me snicker like a fifth grader.

Word of the Day:

(adjective): affectedly trendy

I cannot come up with a sentence for chichi even though it's a rather fun word to say.

4 tips left at the bar:

Karen said...

My Spanish teacher in High school told us that Chichi also is a slang term for breasts! There's a restaurant named Chichi's and we always thought the commericial was funny:

"When you feel a little Mexican, Chichi's for lunch!"

soulmoxie said...

And I thought wondering why the diver's showered after each dive would be a lifelong question for me...

Megan said...

That's just what we do here at the bar, Soulmoxie, we earn that 'smarty pants' title one drink at a time!

penelope said...

That's totally true, about chichis meaning boobs!
My sentence for your def was going to be, "Those Olympic gymnasts aren't exactly chichi this year with those damn scrunchies in their hair."