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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

While You Were at the Bar 8/12

News you can use:

The Russian military has moved further into Georgia. President Bush says that evidence suggests that Russia may be trying to depose of the Georgian government, which he strongly warned against.

China let "The Daily Show" in. Oh boy, this is gonna be good.

Apple's App Store has raked in the money selling applications for the touch iPod and iPhone to the tune of $1 million per day since it opened. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs admitted the existence of a 'kill switch' on iPhones to kill a downloaded application that turns out to be malicious.

News you can lose:

Again, my little Olympic podium:

- Watching the medal ceremonies makes me emotional.
- I love it when the athletes sing their national anthem.
- I TOLD YOU Phelps was ephing phast!

Word of the Day:

yeasty (adjective): frothy; foamy; spumy, like yeast

I'm sorry, what? Did I just type spumy? I don't know what that means, but it sounds NASTY.

1 tips left at the bar:

Molly said...

Apparently spumy means foam, froth or scum. Probably as in "the bathtub looks a bit spumy" because I am sure if you were referring to a scum bag, you wouldn't say, "he's a bit spumy"!

Personally, it sounds like something you would hack up.