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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Project Make America Laugh: Tempe/Colbert 2008

You don't have to tell me, America. You're looking for that special someone. That special candidate that will steer you down the right track - that will help you acheive YOUR American Dream.

You're looking for laughs, and Stephen Colbert are the ones that can give it to you.

Let's face it. The last four years...well, they haven't been funny. High gas prices, a messy war, an economy in trouble, global warming - we know that none of these things have made you laugh, America.

Can we help solve these problems? Hell, no. But we can - and we will - make you laugh. That's our platform - and we will not rest until every last person in America is guffawing with happiness.

Our only scandal? When Jon Stewart tries - at the last minute - to secure the nomination instead. However, we will prevail and Jon's candidacy will fail miserably, if only because he acted in movies such as Big Daddy, The Faculty, and Death to Smoochy.

So - if you're looking for humor, America - if you need some laughs - vote Tempe/Colbert on November 4.

My Vice Presidential Nominee, Ladies and Gentlemen...

3 tips left at the bar:

ashley said...

Death to Smoochy is an awesome movie. But I wouldn't let that deter me from the Tempe/Colbert. Just in hopes that you all would develop a nationally-sanctioned word-of-the-day Colbert style.

Lorrie Veasey said...

We would like to officially invite you to be a keynote speaker at BLOGSLURR 2009. Please register in comments and let us know wether you will be sharing information with other female bloggers as to wether you are an OLIVE girl or an ONION girl--because election aside, it's what's in the glass that matters.

pen said...

Tempe/Colbert has a fantastic ring to it. Where can I get a bumper sticker?