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Thursday, August 7, 2008

DARE: NOT my American Idol audition tape

It's a well known fact that most people think they can sing in the shower and will really let loose belting it out with the proclaimed great acoustics (or my theory: the water filling your ears muffles the "true" sounds) but the other place I think people feel confident about their singing and really let loose is in the car. Since I do draw the line at making you privy to me in the shower (although, I was tempted to record the shower curtain and the water running, but I don't usually sing in the shower, honestly, and that would be acapella? um, no thanks. and, you're welcome!)

So (Niki, I must really love you to be going through with this dare or must have had more shots than I can recall) without further ado: Me Rocking Out In My Car purely for your amusement. It's an entertainment value.

Sadly, there is more where this came from as it was harder than I thought to get the right angle (like Megan, I didn't realize my face was actually in it until playback on the computer) and song and my camera only records for about a minute, so I just gave you the "best?" part with the most excitement. .not the slow bits (where I actually feel *slightly* better about my singing or knowing the words) but there's not much happening otherwise.

7 tips left at the bar:

Megan said...


How awesome that you chose this song. It's definitely one that everyone sings along with, knowing the words or not! I like how you are just casually driving along, knocking this out!

Mes and yous, Andi. We're brave. And tough. And slightly insane.

(I almost did the running shower thing too!)

penelope said...

Dude. That's so awesome. Perfect car karaoke song!!

Andi said...

Thanks ladies. It's scary putting yourself out there. . do these videos go to YouTube? that was just the link I saw in the email version I got. Are they public?! yikes!

Does it make anyone else think of Wayne and Garth? or just me?

Megan said...

Definitely Wayne's World!

(EXCELLENT! Schwing!)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I loved the view up your nose too, that was the best part!!

niki said...


~Trish~ said...

I will echo it....SCHWING!!!