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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taking care of business

I have two orders of business to take care of today:

1) to tell you about a charity that is near and dear to me


2) to tell you about something else that is hi-larious and potentially embarrassing

So, first things first. I can't say that I have been a true advocate for one particular charity, per se, because I tend to give small amounts all across the board. Usually when I hear of a fundraiser to benefit one charity or another I will instantly feel compelled to give because at that moment, I had never been more moved upon hearing the plight of the North Antarctic Blue Snake With Wings. But truly, the charities that I will give to without fail (if I can) are the ones that benefit children. The March of Dimes is one that gets my empathy flowing every single time. St. Jude's is another. If there are children who need my help, then by gosh I'm going to give it. North Antarctic Blue Snakes With Wings can wait until another day!

Ok, now that the real business is out of the way, I need to steer this ship askew for a moment. A late breaking development at my house has the Ruby family selling one of our long loved vehicles, my 15 year old Explorer. The first vehicle that I bought all on my own. The vehicle that I brought both of my girls home from the hospital in. The vehicle that moved to Kansas with us and then faithfully moved back. Now the old girl (because I'm pretty sure that it's a girl) is nearing the end of her lifespan and most likely won't make it on another cross country adventure, so we needed to sell her.

It all came about rather quickly, the vehicle selling. So quickly that my husband had to clean out the Explorer that I have owned for 10 years, instead of me. When I saw the pile of stuff that came out of it, there was one thing that stood out among the rest. And then my husband says 'Guess what I found?! A MIX TAPE that has your name on it. 'Ruby's Tape.'' Oh hell. I have only ever had one mix tape made for me, and that was way back in my freshman year of high school. I guess I had put it in the center console of the Explorer back in the day and I haven't thought about for years.

The only song that I remember being on that tape is Desperado by The Eagles. (Think older senior boy who had a thing for freshman girl but freshman girl was not interested in more than friendship.) BUT WHAT ELSE COULD BE ON THE TAPE?!

I'll give you a little while to make your guesses and then I will listen to said tape and reveal its contents.

This is going to be good. Or really, really bad. I can't decide.

God Bless The early '90's.

And have mercy on me.

4 tips left at the bar:

niki said...

This is so exciting. I need time to ponder. I want to find a mystery mixed tape.

And excellent charity choices!

PS Where can I give to the North Atlantic Blue Snake with Wings?

Cakelet said...

If Desperado was on it, I hope Tequila Sunrise was on it, too. Does each band only get one tune, or can you double up? Give us some hints. Was it all mellow? And the Eagles were around way before the nineties, right? I remember them in high school, and I graduated in '81...

Bj in Dallas said...

I always enjoyed Hotel California laying on my back with headphones...

aaahhhh, hope the tape was fun listening.

Ruby said...

I have only been able to hear a few of the songs so far, but as of now I have heard:

Faithfully by Journey


Only The Lonely by The Motels

and another one that is kind of obscure (at least to me) and I can't remember the name. I'll have to take notes when I drive home and will report back!

(BTW: Only The Lonely, Desperado and Faithfully? Really? Do you think he was sending a message here?!)