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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, by pen

  1. Cried. Because summer TV was over. They canceled Life. And Reaper. And I’m still bitter that USA or similar did not pick up either of these brilliant shows.
  2. Became fully addicted to the library. Books, movies, online reservations. Began to shun Amazon and Netflix.
  3. Went to The Lake for the 4th, attending fellow barmaid Andi’s annual gala, which we now plan to attend every year until we are 92. Because it’s that awesome.
  4. Got back on Twitter. Signed up for a text plan. Addicted. Text me immediately.
  5. Rediscovered vodka, particularly in the form of tonics and also, mixed with Sierra Mist Red Ruby (hey, Ruby! I just noticed that now, ha ha!) Splash, which is fanTAStic. I want one right now.
  6. Planned a trip to NYC, which I’m taking in two days! To see my new nephew, among other things. He is one month old and beyond all cuteness
  7. Hid. I confess, my list is short and a little lame and mainly boils down to indoor addictions. Summer is not the Season of Pen. It’s hot out there, and I sort of loathe it. I burn easily, among other problems, and the mosquitoes flock to me. Because clearly I am super-sweet.

Don’t judge me. I hope you all did something more fun. Now: cheers to the start of Fall!

2 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

fabulous list.
I don't get the picture, though. I mean, I like it, but. . .

Andria said...

oh, the crying? I'm slow. .sorry!