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Friday, September 11, 2009

Biker bar

Just in case you were as clueless as I about the upcoming trends for Fall, check them out here. Biker chic, boxy, thigh-highs, neon, monotone head-to-toe and mixed prints, what fun!? As the article suggests we all should be able to use things we already own, I'm sure Pen has several of these items to throw into her bags as she packs for her NY trip!

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penelope said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, if you were to look into my Eddie Bauer backpack, you would find every single one of these items. Outfit #9 was the first in. Practical and HOT for every occasion!

I know nothing about fashion. Clearly. It's a wonder I love ProRun so very much. Since my wardrobe for NYC includes Old Navy's finest. *sigh. What would you ladies wear??

P.S. was that Fatima from ANTM in slide 7?