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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pop the cork

Today is a big day: the youngest barmaid, Niki, joins us in the ranks of thirtysomething and turns the big 3-0! So, please join us in the comments with your virtual gifts for her. It may be the awesome trip like she's been dreaming of for years (and is actually planning!) Or perhaps some great Rafa memorabilia (his sweaty shirt that actually grazed those abs?) or even tickets to a match (which she may be experiencing already as well!) or while we are delivering big ticket items, why not just Rafa himself? It's hard to top those gifts, but some yoga, chocolate or wine are part of the little daily things that would make her day, so please take a moment to pick out your gift as we have a rocking party here at the bar.
Way to go girl to make sure you celebrate and make things you want to happen happen!

6 tips left at the bar:

Tempe said...

Yahoo! Happy, happy birthday, Nik! Even if you have to wait until January to enjoy my gift) click my name for the link)- I think it combines two of your most favorite things: Australia and Rafa.

Much, much love to you.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Niki! Mine was yesterday and I hope you have an even better day than I did (which is saying something, b/c mine was pretty great). Hope you enjoy whatever you have planned.

Ruby said...

Happy Birthday, Niki! With your renewed sense of your true beach girl self, I would like to give you an endless supply of flippy floppies. And a boat.


Ruby said...

Oh, and click my name above to see what else I think you need. :)

penelope said...

Happy Big 3-0, Niki! I would totally get you a Yoga Deck, though perhaps you already have one. But, it's this deck of cards with one pose on each card, with benefits explained... really simple, easier to lay out than a book. Plus a few meditation cards. It's hippie, dippie, AND highly awesome. And obviously, a couple of Beaufort Bars from Escazu. Oh, and a Target in your neighborhood. :)

niki said...

Your birthday gifts are 100% PERFECT. I'm going to wear the "I'm on a Boat" T-shirt when I return to Melbourne for the Aussie Open. After he wins the tournament, Rafa and I will practice yoga with our Yoga Deck and eat chocolates.

I think I have died and gone to heaven thinking about this perfect scenario : )