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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pass the remote—I mean, my phone?

I love ringtones in theory, but in actuality, I don’t have anything special on my phone. Maybe they are kind of like a tattoo, and I just can’t commit… granted, ringtones cost much less and aren’t nearly as permanent. But, I feel like when I do window-shop for ringtones, they are always inspired by TV. On one phone, I used to have (shockingly!) the theme from The Office. I tried sending it to my new phone to use again, because I loved it so as a ringtone, but the phone won’t let me apply it. Bastard. So instead I have something plain and boring and half the time when it goes off, I’m all, “What is that…? Oh yeah, it’s my phone.” And then it’s a mad dash to locate it, as usual, before VM kicks in.

My husband once had the SNL theme, and currently uses the theme from 30 Rock. Rad.

When choosing TV ringtones, you’ve got to go with something that you really don’t mind hearing over and over again. For instance, I enjoy the Psych theme song, but do I want to hear it every time the phone rings? I do not. I’m thinking lyrics are probably not preferable, overall.

Several phones ago, I had the Grey’s Anatomy theme song, which I don’t even think they play anymore on the show, but at the time, it made a great ringtone. But on the next phone, when I installed it again, it wouldn’t play loudly enough, even with the volume jacked up to 7. I’m still confused about that.

Speaking of confusion, sometimes when you pick a TV theme for a ringtone, and then that actual show comes on TV, you’re not sure what it is you’re hearing, and often find yourself running to the phone. And then the TV. And then the phone again. It helps to cut back on the drinking if you find yourself really confused in this situation.

Please leave more TV-themes-as-ringtone suggestions in comments, as I’m looking for ideas. Also helpful would be some technical assistance on how to install said ringtone on a phone, ideally without having to pay for it. Because I like withholding as much money as is humanly possible from the evil corporations who lord over the telecommunications industry, even if it is only $2.50. (And, as you can see, I’m not even technically proficient enough to embed most of the sound files, like I had envisioned, here in this post.) Thanks in advance. xoxo.

3 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

Love the image of you trying to determine if it's your phone or the TV! Fun stuff. You could always go Old School with like Scooby-Doo or Friends. Retro is cool, right? It is tricky, though, to find something you don't mind hearing over and over again.

Ruby (click me) said...

Of course you would have TV themes as your ring tones! Why did I not think of that?!

I agree with Andria, go with something a bit retro so that there's no TV/phone confusion. How about a blast from my past with the Doogie Howser theme? Man, I loved that show...

~sarah said...

check out they have a bunch of free ringtones and you can upload your own music to create your own ringtones, also free. i get all mine there now. also, i THINK you can upload sound from videos too, so if you have "the office" on your computer, you can probably make your own. i imagine someone else there already has though.