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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On the House Read

I’m so glad I’m back on Twitter because otherwise I would have missed out on news of this free-for-a-month download of Uglies. This one’s been on my to-read list for awhile. I really can’t vouch for the quality, but it seems to be popular amongst the teen set, so obviously it’s my speed. And, I know I could get it from the library, but it’s one of those waiting list things, which means I’ll have to hurry up and return it... Anyway, it’s another series, and here is the enticing blurb:


Uglies is set in a world in which everyone has an operation when they turn sixteen, making them supermodel beautiful. Big eyes, full lips, no one fat or skinny. You might think this is a good thing, but it’s not. Especially if you’re one of the Smokies, a bunch of radical teens who’ve decided they want to keep their own faces. (How anti-social of them.)

Uglies is a trilogy-plus-one, with Extras being a “companion novel” and told from a different point of view. All four Uglies books have been New York Times bestsellers!

Ooo. Creepy pretty people. I’m in.

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