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Monday, July 20, 2009

More photographic embarassment.

While in Rhode Island last week we took a little evening jaunt over to Newport. Quite a lovely place, Newport is, but the best part was when I finagled my way into the shipyard - after it was closed. (Are you proud, Nik? That sounds like something you would do!)

Even if the security guard hadn't been melted by my charm, this land-locked girl would have found a way in anyway. I mean, I was wearing my Topsiders! Of course I belonged in the shipyard! (This was all new to me, so you can imagine how much of a massively huge dork I was about it.)

I solemly swear that if there hadn't been a van full of people waiting on me
I would have absolutely said something to them.

Security Guard: "Look up at the snee-ka! The SNEE-KA!"

Pretty much.

4 tips left at the bar:

sheila said...

Snee-ka!! I love it!! But I'm more impressed at your persuasive Southern girls can do anything, can't we?!

niki said...

Megs! I am totally loving that you sweet-talked your way into the shipyard. Very proud. Gorgeous pictures, too! A shame you didn't get to try your luck with those guys and their boat ;)

penelope said...

It does remind me of Niki busting through the fence to snag a picture of the blowing rock, which apparently did not exist. Bad-ass! I approve.

Cakelet said...

I'm feelin' the love for those boats! This week, I'm going to Pemaquid, Maine with my son to build a wooden boat, a little 13' skiff. All boats are cool. Big and small.