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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Make You Happy

Unless you live under a rock, or have a life that doesn't involve mainstream TV or the internet (to which I'd say kudos), you probably saw this video.

You have a cold, dead heart if this video doesn't give you the warm & fuzzies. I, for one, cannot stop watching it (or secretly planning my own version for my fake wedding).

This week we're sharing other things that make us happy. And a Youtube video. Because Youtube videos are awesome.

4 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

M2 told me to save that video somewhere so she can do that her wedding. She's 12. I'm putting that in the 'plans ahead' file...

very cool, I've seen it at receptions but coming down the aisle is so much better!

mendacious said...

i had actually successfully avoided this video but upon seeing it here, i said, clearly there must be something i need to see- while i thought there needed to be more of a variety in dance moves and thematic gestures i give the video 2 thumbs up for over all feelings of elation and transcendence of love.

niki said...

BJ - I love that your 12 yr old wants to do this! I have a feeling there will be copycats for years to come.

M - I avoided it, too, until a co-worker forced it on me. I thought I'd be polite and watch, but then I found myself watching it again. Weddings aren't something I normally get all girlie about, but the pure joy and "transcendence of love" almost made me cry. (Agreed on the need for more variety of dance moves, though.)

And I totally want to marry this guy.

tempe said...

I love this. Makes me smile.