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Monday, July 13, 2009

Filling the Void

Whenever the bar is slow on these warm, sleepy summer days, I like to watch…


  • Top Chef Masters: In spite of the Padma knockoff and little to no Tom Colicchio, it’s worth tuning in every week to see the best of the best face off in old Quickfire challenges and Elimination Challenges with a new spin. Like last week, when they had to cook for Neil Patrick Harris and his friends (thus simultaneously filling the “How I Met Your Mother” void). And Anito Lo came up with some scallop-that’s-not-a-scallop dish with Rice Krispie sand crackling beneath the bowl? Now that’s my kind of scallop. Since I’m allergic.
  • The Goode Family: Whether you’re a hippie or not, you will appreciate this new cartoon from Mike Judge. Hi-larious! So many little truths about our increasingly green and politically correct society tucked into this show.


  • House Hunters, House Hunters, and more House Hunters. I can’t get enough! Although, J.Lo and I are getting picky, I admit. If the house choices are crap, we feel completely unsatisfied. It’s all about vicarious living, and we can’t stand it if the place looks like hell, or worse, when they don’t do anything to fix the place up a few months later. Like they think it’s okay to live with pukey shag carpet and aquamarine walls, to be fixed “someday,” i.e. never. Gag!
  • Iron Chef America. I used to watch plain old Iron Chef, and this show is a pretty good substitute. I’m not a big fan of Bobby Flay, but luckily, he doesn’t talk much. It’s all business as the chefs face off in a one-hour challenge, preparing insanely creative dishes centered around one featured ingredient.


  • I’ve been making an effort to watch some chick flicks here and there, as their shallow, formulaic plots are seriously good for the soul. Best served with a milkshake from Cookout.
  • I want to rent the latest season of “Weeds.” That’s some good summer fun.
  • And I’m catching up on my Harry Potter before the 6th movie comes out! I started with the 6th book, absolutely had to re-read the 7th after that, and then in my shell-shocked state, began the 5th. Again. It’s actually an interesting order… Plan to see the movie on Sunday, hooray!

8 tips left at the bar:

Miss Thystle said...

and flaming coconuts! And Gail's hats! I don't like fake Padma though. Too perky. And her head is too large.

penelope said...

I LOVE Gael's hats, they just make me happy.

almost anonymous said...

I do miss the Food Network from when they took away our expanded cable. Iron Chef and Ace of Cakes, mostly. Oh, and Good Eats.

penelope said...

No Food Network, gasp! Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is also fabulous. I wish we could pick and choose our channels and just pay for what we use, that would be nice.

SMILF said...

AH! I've been meaning to watch The Goode Family - my parents were such hippies so I feel a little hippy inside of me at all times. HA I am on a One Tree Hill kick this summer. I never watched it but now I started with season 1 DVD's and I'm almost up to season 4. Nothing like shows about high school kids who look like they are 25. HA

penelope said...

You won't be sorry with the Goode Family! OTH is filmed here, and I was into it for so long, but a few plotlines lost me along the way... I hear it's worth hanging in there, though! Must work on suspending my disbelief. :)

niki said...

So The Goode Family is actually...good? I never would have guessed, but now that you've given it the thumbs up, maybe I'll have to check it out. But I'm not a Beavis or King of the Hill fan, so I'm still a little skeptical. Maybe after SATC is finished : )

penelope said...

I do NOT enjoy King of the Hill or B&B really, either. I don't like the animation, or something about it just bugs. But, the jokes are SO funny and true on the Goode Family. You will appreciate it, Nik.