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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday What We're Doing

7:48 PM Niki - Cooking! Curried red lentils and carrots...first time and I'm making it up from two different recipes. We'll see how it goes. Good thing I've snacked (heavily) on pretzels already. Oh, and about 200 dark chocolate covered almonds throughout the day : )

8:27 PM Niki - Playing with this dog while my food cooks (made you guys a video, blogger won't upload it):

8:35 PM Niki - Hmm. Lentils are good, but missing something. Have no idea what. Will let them simmer while I shower, then park it on the couch for LOST...and it *better* not be a rerun.

9:49 PM Pen - Blogging. Ha ha ha ha ha!

9:50 PM Pen - Seriously... about to watch some TV with J.Lo. Possibly Life. Regret that the Ben episode of Lost was not properly DVR'd because of ANTM, which was a RECAP. Did not receive memo.

7 tips left at the bar:

almost anonymous said...

Life last night was one of my favorite season finales ever. Enough to keep going, but enough to wrap some things up and not leave me frustrated and hanging.

And Charlie Crews is just awesome.

penelope said...

I know! I'm kind of dying to discuss it, but won't say anything here, since Andria's probably not caught up yet.

I especially feel the need to discuss the last 5 minutes!!!

But I totally agree, it was extremely well done/satisfying for a season finale.

almost anonymous said...

You'll have to give it a post all its own next weekend or so :)

That and House had some good (as in didn't see them coming) surprises this week.

niki said...

What is this Life show? Honestly never heard of it until Pen mentioned it, now everyone apparently watches it except me!

penelope said...

Oh, Niki. Netflix/Hulu back episodes immediately!

Andria said...

THANK YOU! I am NOT caught up on Life or House! I do love me some Charlie Crews, though. Niki - you need to watch Life! Start from the beginning, though. It's good stuff!

Yes, ANTM was a 2 hour special with one hour being the recap. I didn't record the recap because it conflicted.

tempe said...

Seconding everyone's view on Life. The show ROCKS.