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Monday, April 13, 2009

Product Placement

Because I still have two days to do my taxes, I wanted to put some good karma out in the world (sort of a karma offset in light of recent bad karma I have been giving off), and this seemed the best way to do it.

Last week I had one of those mornings. You know. Where you hate everything in your closet, your makeup bores you, and even your shampoo is depressing you. I can't afford new clothes, don't really understand makeup, and find it difficult to find decent sulfate-free shampoo, so I decided to jazz up my life with a little jewelry. 

Ordinarily the most you'll get from me is one of four of my signature glass rings that I bought from the same street artist in Charlottesville. I love, love, love her and she is probably the single most awesome thing I miss about that city. Yes. Even more than falafel salads from Sticks which I miss dearly like every day at lunchtime. I digress.  Every so often I wear a necklace, but that generally corresponds with impending jury trials and even then there is no guarantee.  For whatever reason, I just flat out quit wearing earrings. Have no idea why.

Bottom line: I'm not a jewelry girl. More importantly: The jewelry I do like must be unique. Not a fan of traditional diamonds/pearls/rubies/etc. I like funky stuff that is also quality and not just bohemian. Yeah, I know. Picky.

I decided I needed to start wearing earrings and trotted over to Etsy, a site I'd been wanting to try for awhile (I think one of the barmaids even mentioned it on the blog once upon a time).  Spent the entire morning shopping online instead of doing work. Awesome. Ultimately, I bought three pair. 

THE POINT OF THIS ENTIRE STUPID BLOG POST: Today I received two out of three of the earrings and not only are they even more beautiful in person, but both of the artists sent me a free gift!! I Know. So you see, I just had to give them mad props here on the blog in case any of you are in the market for some Etsy jewelry (or you know, not in the market but could be persuaded).

Isle of Montserrat earrings from Lavender Moon Jewelry

The seller sent me a similar, more dangly pair in red. They are gorgeous as well, although not sure they are "me." May send them to my mother.

Satellite earrings from WANTZIT

This seller sent me a cute little red/pink pendant which I think will look sweet on a simple silver chain. Can't wait to wear that as well!

Why are you still reading this? Go buy some cool stuff from these and other artists on Etsy!

Curious about the other pair I bought?  Check these "Nice Girl Earrings - Loopy version" from Metalheart Design (and damn I wish I'd seen the "hammered version" before just now!).  Apparently each pair is custom made, so she will be sending these along in about a week. Overall, this is my favorite shop of the three, so if this transaction goes well, I'll most likely be purchasing from there, as soon as I get paid in May!

2 tips left at the bar:

Andria said...

thanks, because I really needed something else to keep me glued to this computer.
I love the top pair! They are so you, too!
And, I love that you picked out the earrings called "Nice Girl" haha. My ears are sensitive, so looking at them almost makes my ears hurt, thinking about putting them in, but I love the design. And really liked the Jaded ones, too. The anchor ones are really funky, but not sure who could pull them off. I wish some showed pictures on people, because I want to see how they wear. I'm a visual person and have issues visualizing some of these. very cool, thanks for sharing! the end.

niki said...

Ha! I know - I thought that was funny, too. There are apparently a slightly bigger pair called "Pretty Woman" - wish I'd seen them before, too.

Agreed on the picture of someone wearing them. Some of them are shown with a ruler or other size reference (a penny), but still would be nice to see on an ear!