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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Captain's Log Deleted Scenes

These quotes either didn't make the first cut or hadn't been said yet:

"Let's get white. She'll kill us. We'll see her nipples." - Niki, discussing shirt for Ruby, followed shortly thereafter by Andi, "Yeah! We'll get her wet!"  As a 50ish man walked by and turned beet red. 

"I'm laughing on the pot." - Um, I'll let this be anonymous unless the barmaid wants to fess up

"Look at Tempe with a knife for my wine and food injuries." - Andi, we have no idea wtf she's talking about, and that kind of makes it my favorite quote of the weekend.

"What's with your back door?" asks Andi. "My back door is personal business," Ruby retorts.

"I like that one, it looks like softcore porn." - Niki

"I'm saving myself for Bojangles." - Tempe

Don't ya'll love it when I come home for lunch and hop on the blog? 

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Ruby said...

Addendum from me:

"You got me a WHITE shirt?! You'll see my nipples!"