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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crumbling Temple

Hey body, it's me. I just wanted to let you know that I know we're close, but we seem to be at odds a lot. I know you're supposed to be my temple, but I kind of treat you poorly. And I'm sorry. No really, I'm sooooo sorrrry. pleasedontbemadatme. please. I know I don't feed you properly. But really, you know it's kind of your fault. You have the power. If you'd just change my taste buds and brain to actually like the green stuff found in the ground rather than making it taste like, well, dirt and like it came from the ground, then I'd eat more of it, you know? I mean what's up with making the delectable processed, fast foods and sweets taste so yummy?! And I know I should get more sleep for you. But, again, if you'd just help me out a little with the shutting off of my brain and falling asleep parts, we could really have a better life together. Relationships are a two-way street, lots of give and take, you know. And the exercise. . I know it can be rough on you, but it's supposed to help. So, if you'd just respond like all of my sweating and running is actually helping and LET GO OF THE FAT, that'd be great, thanks. Sorry, I don't mean to yell, but we've been at this for a looooong time now and it gets old. The up and down and back up and staying stagnant. I know I went and had two kids, but you're supposedly made to go through that, so deal with it and bounce back already! I'll work on all of the popping of joints, too, becuase I know we'll have issues with that later if I don't. I do love you, please don't leave me! I. just. Don't. know. what. I'd. do. without. you.

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penelope said...

It's definitely a two-way street: if you exercise, there should be payoff, dammit!! It's so unmotivating when the scale doesn't budge. :-P I can attest.

niki said...

If we could perfect a drug to make us eat healthy foods instead of crappy ones...richest. girls. on. earth. Let's work on that!

Ruby said...

OMG, I think your body and my body need to chat. Or better yet, QUIT CHATTING. I think they are up to no good. :)