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Monday, February 2, 2009

I Watch It For The Commercials

When you say that you don't care about the Super Bowl, you just watch it for the commercials, is that like saying that you only subscribe to Playboy for the articles? No, not really, because the former can be true whereas the latter is a complete and total LIE.

In honor of the Super Bowl and all of the fantastic commercials that come with it, this week we are serving up some of our favorite commercials ever.

Herding Cats kills me, partially due to my cowboy/ranch type leanings, but partly because it is beyond visually amusing: it's downright clever.

And for pure middle school humor, I heart the Bud Light Real Men of Genius ads.

4 tips left at the bar:

Laura said...

I especially loved the Doritos commercial with the magic snow globe.

penelope said...


Heather said...

i love real men of genius commercials - EVERY yime i hear one on the radio i call my brother to retell it!

tempe said...

I LOVE the hearding cats commercial. Good ones, Megs!