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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't Fastforward These!

My favorite commercial? I have no idea.

What I do know is that I love all commercials with puppies. All of them.  Essentially, any commercial with a cute dog will make me happy.  But a cute dog and a Clydesdale?  Melts. My. Cold. Cynical. Heart.

I also used to love this commercial when I lived in England the first time, about 9 years ago.  However, it (or I) must not have aged well because I remember it being way funnier (I think the laugh track takes away from it, too, but I can't find a version without it). Nonetheless, it is worth sharing. 

Another British "advert" that I think speaks for itself:

5 tips left at the bar:

tempe said...

The third one had me laughing hysterically! Love it.

Andria said...

Hilarious! I have just GOT to remember to STOP checking this site when my kids are around.

~sarah said...

okay, so i know this is a week late, but i had a friend in taiwan looking for this commercial just for you - puppies, toilet paper, tawain! when i visited her in 2006, this commercial was on all the time and it was hilarious b/c the only part we could understand was the kids singing "la la la so pretty! la la la so happy!" but it was about toilet paper, so.. enjoy!

got to:

And under 2005, click the one that says "Show" - look for the words past the chinese characters. it takes a bit to load though. sorry.

Andria said...

That was highly amusing, thanks for sharing, ~sarah!

niki said...

This commercial is hilarious! I don't understand it either, but again, there are puppies - what more do you need for good advertising?