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Friday, January 16, 2009

WTFriday: Morning Edition

My dog just ate a tampon.

Right before we were about to go to for a walk in below freezing temperatures.

Two days after he tried to bite me and growled at me for taking away a piece of paper.

Am now debating calling the vet or waiting it out; leaning toward the latter because a) expensive and b) not really keen on having that conversation with my 60s-ish, male vet.

Happy Friday and Good Morning!

Pen, as far as the absorbency goes, I was concerned about that, too.  However, since he pulled the tampon from the trash bin, my co-worker and I hypothesized that hopefully it had already "filled up" so to speak. : )

In other news, Masala has now started to pass gas, and Oh. My. It does NOT smell pretty ladies.  It smells sort of like your trash bin the week of your period, except worse. Ugh. Worst. Smell. Ever.

 As if this weren't enough, Masala also ate $5.  Way to kick me while I'm down, fella.  I have no idea how he got said $5, as the last time I saw it, it was in my back pocket. . .of the jeans I'm wearing.

If dogs are this bad, it only confirms that I can never have children.

It is Sunday afternoon, around 4pm, and I am happy to confirm that over 56 hours after ingestion, the tampon has cleared.  It was somewhat anticlimactic, as it had morphed from its original form and took some "investigation" to identify, but nonetheless, the damn thing is out of his body and I no longer have to worry about intestinal blockage that could kill him (or an embarassing call to the vet!).  For posterity's sake, I had to photograph the evidence, but I will spare you that gem of a picture. . .because even though we are pushing the envelope of deceny here at Smartini, we just can't go there

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penelope said...

Omg... I want to laugh, but oh no! Hopefully a funny story to tell years from now? Hope he's okay!

Although, the part about having to tell your vet is amusing.

sheila said...

Oh, that's funny! I mean, I feel bad for him because that cotton is gonna swell & he'll have a tummy ache. It's amazing what dogs will eat, isn't it?

I wouldn't call the vet though. As they say, 'this too shall pass'. Literally.

Miss Thystle said...

What Sheila said. He'll be fine. My dog once ate a sock and pooped it back out again. And it was completely whole and recognizable. He eats Kleenex all the time. We call it "Jackie-buttwipe" because my kid thought that's how dogs wiped. Because she's a little...blonde.

niki said...

It's definitely funny! Thanks for your advice and affirming my gut instinct. So far I have not called the vet, as a Google search indicated that most of the time these things come out ok. (Megan, do you like my pun?) Keep fingers crossed he will continue to act as if nothing has happened and not get a blockage that requires surgery!

penelope said...

Bender once snatched a whole, wooden popsicle stick out of my hand and swallowed it. She threw it up later, whole. Same thing for a pile of whole corn cobs. *Shudder.* The absorbancy factor on the tampon is the freaky part! Keeping fingers crossed.

~sarah said...

my dog used to eat my plastic barbie shoes when i was a kid... they'd come out whole sometimes. other times they came out sort of half-melted... yeah.

just keep an eye out for the string. you may need, uh, help... ; )