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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

making a list (and checking it twice)

Favorite Christmas Movie: It's a tie between Love, Actually and A Christmas Story.

Least Favorite Christmas Movie: Home Alone. It was funny the first time, barely, but not the three thousand other times I've seen it.

Favorite Christmas Song: Another tie between Little Drummer Boy and O Holy Night by the Vienna Boys Choir. Little Drummer Boy reminds me of Season One of the West Wing (where Toby arranges for a homeless veteran to be buried at Arlington), and I dare you to keep the goosebumps from coming during the refrain of O Holy Night.

Least Favorite Christmas Song: Anything sung by a current pop star. I like the old school stuff...Dean Martin, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Anne Murray, Judy Garland, etc, etc...

Favorite Christmas Food: Steak and eggs on Christmas morning, like Mom does it (and now Chris and I have started our own tradition of the same).

1 Thing I WANT for Christmas: Money to remodel our bathrooms.

1 Thing I NEED for Christmas: Money to remodel our bathrooms (seriously).

1 Thing I'm Excited to GIVE for Christmas: Chris' gift...but since he is a occasional reader of this blog, I'm not giving away the surprise!

1 Thing I HOPE for Christmas: That I can find some time to actually relax and take it all in.

Random Christmas Item I'm Going to Share with the Bar: The original 30 minute program "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" holds several of my sorority secrets. Dr. Suess' wife was a Sigma Kappa...

2 tips left at the bar:

sheila said...

I love that you guys all LOVE Love, Actually. It's my favorite Christmas movie too.

And that episode of The West Wing -- brilliant! I just was thinking about it the other day, because a group here in Dallas just had a beautiful service for a homeless vet. Made me cry...but that's not hard to do!

Anonymous said...

I watched Love Actually for the first time recently and I absolutely adored it!!! However, Christmas Story is just such a tradition in my family - I have a T-shirt I wear every year with Ralphie on it. My mom threatened to get me a leg lamp my first Christmas in an apartment by myself. LOL