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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A lifetime of TV comes down to this

While Tempe was watching The West Wing, I was watching this*:

Pacey and Joey's first kiss is maybe my "favorite" TV moment, but this scene from The Wire Season 3 is the most powerful piece of television I have seen in my whole life. It won't mean that much to you if you don't watch the show, but if you do watch the show, you will understand why this left me speechless, a knot in my throat, dazed on the couch for a full five minutes afterward. (DO NOT WATCH IF YOU PLAN ON EVER, EVER WATCHING THE WIRE because it WILL RUIN it for you, and um, I highly suggest watching The Wire, if you haven't because it's the best TV show in the history of TV. Also, there is cursing, so um, beware of the children.)

Oh shit, wait. Of course, there's this classic from My So-Called Life** (haven't you all learned I can't pick 1 favorite of anything):

*Literally! Both came on Wednesday nights, I think at the same time; I would take the couch and living room TV, she would sit on the floor next to her bed in her room watching her TV.

**Technically not my favorite from MSCL, but I couldn't find the clip where Jordan sneaks in and eats cheese in Angela's kitchen and say, "You like me? Your mother says you like me."

2 tips left at the bar:

Josh @ Phoenix NightLife said...

I love the wire too, it's an amazing show that just doesn't get enough credit.

You have good taste, nice blog.


niki said...

Thanks, Josh! I hope you'll come back to see what the other barmaids serve up. ; )