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Thursday, November 6, 2008

WTF Did I Do?

As promised, and alluded to, here is the ab fab picture of me right before that fateful night in sixth grade. That's right, the night of my FIRST KISS at a combo birthday party for me and my sister. At a community center.

Just look at me! That right there is some grade A bangs-curling-under with the curling iron. And I'm pretty sure I had on Sam & Libby ballet flats with this ensemble. I mean, really, who could resist this fine fox of a middle schooler? Certainly not J, my boyfriend at the time who laid one on me during a slow dance. Yeah, I know. I was pretty awesome.

Oh, and J is now gay. Look at me, turning men gay. How Very Good For A Girl's Self Esteem.

What's your story? Get your first kiss on a slow dance at a community center combo birthday party with a boy who was/is gay? No? How about you lay it on me like J did?

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penelope said...

That is hot.

Bj in Dallas said...

I love this because this is a memory like it happened last night. I was a slow starter in the boy dept, couldn't quite put it 'out there' and draw interest like my gfriends were. So I was the observer. And then I spotted Keith Holland in the hall one day, and the hair on my daisy razor shaved legs stood up. And he noticed me. So fast forward to the fall carnival the next weekend, and we flirted and walked around and then we all went outside and he reached over and held my hand and I just about died, so we walked away from the group and had that awkward moment and he just leaned in and kissed me and it was divine. And then that bitch Tammy Butler who had aLOT of practice kissing boys zeroed in on him about two weeks later and that was the last of Keith Holland. But thats ok because I had my eye on Keiths best friend, Danny. And he was a BETTER kisser.
No photos Meg, thank God.

Megan said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Thanks for the great story, Bj! Oooh Tammy, you bitch!

Bj in Dallas said...

hey and that hair do in your photo wasn't a hair do, girl it was a friggin SCULPTURE and I had one just like it........then I went to Farrah Fawcett Wings on both sides, frozen with hairspray to survive an F5 hurricane

sheila said...

OK, the fact that you were able to get to stay perfectly even & curled under deserves some type of award. I have this odd wave in my hair, and back in the day I could never get them to be that perfect or straight. They always had some sort of 'swoop' to one side or the other, sort of like a little horn. Even today, when I think I want to try bangs again, I remember the little horns.

But girl, you were HOT. And sorry, I can't really remember my first kiss. How sad. But his name was Kyle. And he was a cowboy.