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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Drinking Game with Pen at the Wheel


To be played in conjunction with Mario Kart on the Wii

Drink up every time Pen:

Falls off a cliff.

Slips on a banana peel.

Drives into the water/lava/bad liquid substance.

Runs into a wall and can’t turn around.

Drives the other direction for half a lap.

Really can’t say which way she’s going at all.

Smirks to self for “inking” J.Lo on the sly.

Cackles evilly like her character, Waluigi.


Wishes for the “bullet,” her only chance to fast-forward ahead and maybe save face, but doesn’t get  it.

Is so far behind all the others, she doesn’t get a chance to finish.

Blames the injustice of the system.

Blames the controller, like those people in the middle on Jeopardy.

Comes in 12th (LAST) place.


Curses profusely.

Blames the vehicle she’s driving.

Hangs head in defeat.

Falls off the couch from laughing at self and poor Mario Kart Wii skills.


You'll be drunk in a heartbeat! And Pen the Drunk-like Driver will remain sadly sober. Wa-wahhh.

4 tips left at the bar:

Bj in Dallas said...

I'm buying that Iced Tea stuff for this weekend
big party in Dallas for the OU-Texas Tech game with my gfriends....I will report on any drinking games that pop up

Where the hell is Megan??She needs to pop up soon or I will assume she has joined the Witness Protection Program for Mothers....

niki said...

I need this game. Immediately. With alcohol.

penelope said...

You totally need this game. :) It is way fun. And I do actually drive better when drinking wine...

BJ, I don't know where Megan is. Yoohooooo, Megan! Don't tell me you're actually doing important things that pertain to real life.

Megan said...

Oh man, I LOVE Mario Kart! And I think I play pretty much just like you do. Drinky, drinky!