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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clearing out the cobwebs

remnants of Halloween, I suppose. With this WTFever (I hadn't notice it spelling Fever before, had anyone else?), I'll do a list of thoughts from today as well:

*I thought we'd passed/missed Fall already. But, the leaves are really brilliant in my neighborhood now. I wanted to take pictures, especially with the sunlight coming through, but, alas, I didn't. And it's warming up again?!

*I had an interview (of sorts) today with a staffing agency (thanks to barmaid Ashley forwarding on my resume to someone who passed it along to someone at the staffing, who then contacted me!).

*I had to take some skills test online yesterday in preparation. Typing, Spelling!! and MS Word competency. They informed me that I did really well - I missed 3 spelling words and really wish I knew which ones. But, I can guess 'necessary' and 'occasion' because I abhor those words (and had misspelled them once again here as well as 'abhore!' Thanks SpellCheck!). The words were on the screen and you had to correct them if they were wrong or recognize and continue if they were right. Sometimes, that makes it harder, because they can look right, but if you typed it out yourself, you might get it right? But, then again, I was kind of glad for the help in most cases. And I missed 2 on the Word part somehow. I did take it before taking the "Tutorial" which seems to kind of defeat the purpose of the test if you ask me, so maybe using key strokes rather than the proper Edit, Cut counted against me? Also, she said I type really fast - I think I saw 76 on the page, so I would imagine that's WPM! She said I was Legal Secretary level. Sweet. Maybe I'll add that to my resume.

*I put on my "lucky" suit that I wore to my first/last interview. There was a penny in the pocket!

*There was a girl walking along the street with me that I had a feeling was looking for the same place. She was young and cute and much more casual, but still nicely dressed. With just a little bobby pin holding back her hair. I have no flair for hair or clothes or bags or shoes. I started to doubt myself in my stuffy suit - even though I do really like it because it's a unique color and has a striped sweater shirt underneath, so can transform to more casual easily. I ducked into the bathroom and composed myself.

*Sure enough she was the appointment before me (which meant I got to see her name signed in before me - Anna Kate, she goes by both) and was in the conference room right in front of the waiting areas. At the end, the conference door was open while other people came in to meet her, so I got to hear how she made them all laugh and worked for some events planning company that was doing a wedding for someone big, but I missed who. Again with the self doubt.

*The awards on display were for sponsorships, so not necessarily (misspelled again! sheesh) winning something. Interesting distinction.

*Parking was $9!! With the "stamp" from the agency that was apparently just $1 off. False advertising to make such a big deal about bringing your parking pass to get stamped, in my opinion!

*The computer keeps jumping around and putting my cursor in different random spots, so that I have to stop typing (in my super sonic speed), backspace, correct the line I jumped to, figure out where I was and try to continue with my thoughts. It's really annoying.

*It's NaBloPoMo or whatever. I think I've already missed the boat. It's a fun challenge, though, and back when I had time to read everyone's blogs, I really looked forward to having something to check every day! I know Nik's participating, so that's one to check.

*How much Halloween candy does everyone else have left over? Megs, what did you allow Miss E to trade her candy in for this year?

*I feel like we are on the brink of some real history tonight. I'm kind of jittery. I think I'll go watch Gossip Girl and possibly do my part in making some of that Halloween candy disappear.

3 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

Shoot, I missed the NaNo boat again this year, too.

Maybe Anna Kate was thinking she wished she had a suit as cool as yours. :)

Racie Lover said...

Andria, you poor thing. I feel your pain.

I once rode up in an elevator with Miss Perky, thinking how smart and accomplished she looked and she must be going to an interview, too. When we both got off on the same floor I thought oh, what a coincidence. Then she followed me into the office where my interview was scheduled. Then she told the receptionist she was there to see the same interviewer I was there to see. When the interviewer came out to the lobby she smiled at Miss Perky and greeted her warmly. Then she saw me standing behind Miss Perky and her smile melted into a BIG FROWN. She said "You're here on the wrong day. Your interview is TOMORROW." I did not get the job. I think you have to know how to work Outlook Calendar to get that kind of job maybe.

Remind me to tell you about the time I walked into a job interview with dog poop on my shoe.

I didn't get that job, either.

Megan said...

DAYUM, Super Sonic Typer of the World! I would definitely put that on my resume.

Anna Kate wishes her name was something super cool, like Ashley Kate, I bet...

Miss E traded the majority (yes, she got to keep some!) of her Halloween haul for the movie Monsters, Inc. And since she has been home sick for the past three days, we have watched it no less than five times. Win, win, I'd say!