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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ashtini, in fourths

*4 places you've lived: 1) Rossville, Ga. 2) WVille, Ga. 3) Clara 102 4) Grace Street

* 4 jobs you've had: 1) Underglorified secretary at real estate office 2) Slopping slop in the dining hall 3) Tour Guide 4) Creative director at a marketing firm

* 4 cars you've had: 1) 1988 Ford Taurus (which I unequivocally hated) 2) 1989 Honda Accord, baby blue with pop-up lights (which I absolutely adored) 3) 1998 Toyota Corolla (which I had in the body shop so frequently, the guys in Wilmington knew me) 4) 2006 Toyota Rav4

* 4 web sites you'd be lost without: 1) 2) 3) Wikipedia 4) Google Images

* 4 foods you love: 1) Chocolate (I know it seems a cop out, but I do truly love it beyond almost anything) 2) Fried chicken 3) Justin's corn chowder 4) Mama's sourdough bread

* 4 role models or people that have influenced you: 1) Mama 2) Ms. Vesta 3) Jane Austen 4) J.K. Rowling

* 4 events in your life that have shaped you: 1) Moving to Wilmington/Grad school 2) The Panic 3) Dillon's birth 4) Ronnie's death

* 4 drinks you order: 1) Miller Light 2) Cosmopolitan 3) Diet Coke! 4) Pinot Grigio

* 4 movies you could watch again and again: 1) Bridget Jones' Diary 2) Clue 3) Singing in the Rain 4) Love Actually

* 4 things that comfort you/bring you comfort
: 1) Kudzu curled up in my lap sleeping 2) Listening to Nick Drake's Pink Moon album on the iPod 3) Writing 4) Losing myself in a good book

4 tips left at the bar:

niki said...

Ditto on the Love Actually and BJD. Two of my all-time faves. Probably will appear on my list later on in the week...

And chocolate - totally not a cop out.

Megan said...

How could I forget Diet Coke?! And fried chicken is one of your faves? You are Southern all the way, Ashley!

Tempe said...

Hey, chocolate is NEVER a cop-out. I listed it too :)

And I totally forgot Bridget Jones' Diary...I agree!!

sheila said...

I could watch Love, Actually over & over & over. It is just the best movie, and everytime I see the people in the airport greeting and saying goodbye, I just bawl! And you know, "eight is alot of legs, David" (my favorite line).

And for the record, it's now 9:21am and I'm also craving fried chicken (in addition to the stuff off of Tempe's list). My diet is totally screwed today...