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Thursday, November 13, 2008

4tune Teller

4 Places I've Lived:
* Gainesville, FL
* Lancaster, England
* Melbourne, Australia
* Charlottesville, VA

4 Jobs I've Had:
* Filing repair orders in the "Rat Room" of my dad's auto dealership
* Student worker at UGA Alumni House
* Receptionist at property management firm in Brighton, England; people would call me and bitch about their problems with their houses ALL.DAY.LONG. then assume I was stupid because of my American accent. Worst job. Oh, and on my last day my 50-something boss totally grabbed my ass when he hugged me goodbye. I digress.
* Criminal defense attorney

4 Cars I've Had:
* 1992 Cutlass convertible, red with white top; had from ages 13-27 before it was retired (now sits in my dad's shed because I don't think he can bear to sell it any more than I can bear to see it sold)

* 2001 Olds Aurora - total old-lady car, but it runs well and gets me there, so I can't complain
* ???? Nissan Sentra - this was my "rainy day car" during high school that I was supposed to drive instead of my convertible when there was inclement weather and/or when I was "grounded." Then my cousin wrecked his car and drove this, so I didn't actually have it for very long. Again, I digress. Sorry.
* That's it. I, personally, have never had 4 cars. My family has had a trillion cars, though, due to my father working in the auto industry. Probably my favorite is the Nissan 300ZX my mom has right now.

4 Websites I'd Be Lost Without:
* Google Maps (literally, lost)
* Ann Taylor Loft
* Netflix
* iTunes

4 Foods I Love:
* Chips and Salsa
* Peanut Butter
* Chocolate
* Any vegetarian Indian dish
* Cheese
* Ice cream
* Garbanzo beans
Whoops. I was supposed to stop at 4. I really love food, ya'll.

4 People That Have Influenced Me:
* My brother
* The college professor who taught me about Robert Kennedy, the Civil Rights Movement, the Revolution...
* Bridget Jones/Helen Fielding (Don't believe me? Check out the early archives of Nik's Notes and a million and seventy-five emails Tempe and I have sent to each other.)
* J

4 Events That Have Shaped Me:
* Living in England/backpacking around Europe - Jan-June 2000
* Watching a live chicken fall out of a moving chicken truck - I literally became a vegetarian the next day
* Breaking up with my college boyfriend (Completely over it now, but you know, I changed after that, mainly for the better.)
* Studying and traveling in Australia Aug-Dec 2007

4 Drinks I Order:
* Water
* Tea (Hot or UNsweet)
* Wine
* Beer

4 Movies I Could Watch Over-and-Over:
* Bridget Jones' Diary
* Clueless
* Top Gun (I have it memorized. Word. For. F-ing. Word. Ask anyone who has ever been tortured by sitting through it with me.)
* Dirty Dancing

4 Things That Comfort Me:
* My parents' house
* My yoga mat
* The quiver in Conor Oberst's voice
* A hoodie

2 tips left at the bar:

Tempe said...

Aw....the Cutlass convertible! I loved that car. So many memories...i.e. driving to the Monroe football game in 45 degree weather with the top down playing "Hey Lover" by LL Cool J on repeat. We so thought we were Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler in that Aerosmith video. Truth is, we were much cooler than they were.

Miss Thystle said...

I'm totally coming over and we're going to do a two person recitation of Top Gun. I call dibs on the Goose parts.