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Friday, October 31, 2008

WTFriday: Randomness


This is a completely random WTFriday list of various WTF events (and some not so WTF) as of late:

* First and foremost, I have problems with my internets. Like serious, haven't been connected at home for about a week, problems. I KNOW! This would explain my MIA-ness from here at the bar and all of your lovely blogs. It should be fixed soon (I hope!).

* Speaking of MIA, I have no idea where in the world barmaids Tempe and Ashley have made off to. At first I thought they might have worked themselves into a drunken stupor, but I don't think so, since this would be a bender like no other! Where are you, co-workers?

* It's Halloween and seeing as I am in a far away land from where I was raised, people pronounce the word different than I do. To me, it's HALloween. To them it's HALLoween. Which way do you say it?

* The lovely Bj from Don't Over Think It bestowed a Brilliance Blog award on us earlier this week. Yay! Thanks, Bj!

* As I peeked over at DOTI, I see that Bj has posted a photo of herself with two of our other readers, Sheila and Racie. Can I just say, DAMN, LADIES! Lookin' Good! (Sheila, Bj, Racie)

* And then, then I received a prize in the mail from Bj! How lucky can I get?! A while back I went over to DOTI and submitted a limerick in her contest. And look what I got in return!

* Holy moly, y'all. Do you remember when I told you that you should be reading Miss Thystle? Because she's so funny and gives gratuitous cleavage shots? Yeah. If you haven't been reading, then you missed Miss Thystle's Tide Pen blogmercial, featuring The Girls:

You have GOT to love a woman who isn't afraid to post pics like this! (There's another one, too, shot from above. Wowza! And I say that not in a gayelle* way.) *Gayelle is a word that I had never heard until the fabulous Lorrie used it, and I instantly loved it. Did I love it in a gayelle way? I don't know.

* And I think that's it! Happy Halloween, Y'all!

2 tips left at the bar:

sheila said...

Hi Megan -- I've been wondering where you were! Welcome back! I LOVED that Miss Thystle post / infomercial. She's a stinking riot (in the absolute BEST way possible).

And I'm glad BJ bestowed an award on y'all -- this blog starts my day!

Bj in Dallas said...

I thought YOU were lost or drunk at a bar somewhere...
- you are welcome for the award, it came to me from down under, and you girls are just like my group of Original Chicks, which includes Sheila, Racie, and others, Belle, Trish, and Sunny (they read but don't comment)voyeurs...
-pic was from a fun weekend out of town wedding
the shots later in the night looked like mine and sheilas boobs were in competition to get out of our dresses
-glad you got the prize for the limerick, that made me laugh

come over and play soon- Halloween pics next