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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it doesn't take much

...But I do have a few things that keep me from losing it during those stressful days:
  • a half cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee at home before I leave for work. And Chris has to make it; I suck at making coffee. I always make it too strong or too weak or the little coffee grinds make it into the coffee pot. I can make a damn good pie crust from scratch; I can whip up a pan sauce for anything in 2 minutes flat - but I cannot make good coffee. All I need is a half cup - just enough to warm up my brain and get my thoughts moving.
  • A small bite of chocolate after a meal. For lunch each day, I usually have a salad or a sandwich - but I absolutely need a little bite size snickers (like the ones you got while trick or treating as a kid) after a meal. It's so odd - I wish that something more healthy like a piece of fruit would suffice; but chocolate is the only answer. It just take the edge off of a crazy and stressfl day at work.
  • Some great show I've recorded on Tivo and a glass on Pinot Noir. Really, that just caps off a tough day, and it works like a charm, every time. A dose of McDreamy, Ari Gold on Entourage, or a little 90210 does the trick.

Of course, there are the less trivial things in life that get me through as well:

  • A hug and a kiss from Chris the moment I walk in the door. This is our ritual - before we start bitching about our respective days at work, we make a point to do this every day within two minutes of walking in the door.
  • Talking to my parents and hearing about their days and how they've been doing. I still talk to my folks at least every other day and hearing from them does make the bad days better.
  • Petting Taz and listening to him purr. This means more this week that I could ever imagine. His greeting me at the door every day is a gift, and after his scare last week, it just made me realize how much the little guy de-stresses me.

5 tips left at the bar:

soulmoxie said...

I am just like you! Except for the fact that this morning it was 5 cups of coffee. After lunch it was a king size candy bar. And last night it was a whole bottle of wine. Let me rephrase myself, I am ALMOST just like you. You're the better, more restrained, less indulgent side of me.

penelope said...

Ooo, what's your recipe for pie crust?

I'm so the same, about the chocolate, except the small bite often turns into several small bites.

DD coffee rocks! I can make a good cup, at this point, but J.Lo's really the master.

Smilf said...

Oh man. I keep chocolate chips at home always so I can have a little chocolate when necessary. It does the trick every time! :)

Lorrie Veasey said...

I think coffee and cat pee smell EXACTLY THE SAME. But I feel I am very much alone in my opinions.

niki said...

Dark chocolate after lunch is pretty awesome, and it's so weird to think of you drinking coffee for some reason!