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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's Left Behind

Like the floor of a bar after closing time, I have a few things hanging around, seemingly left behind in the past week that has been a bit of a blur:

* Is it really fair that my Norton Anti Virus has decided to run the automatic scan of my whole freaking computer on a Friday night at 8? Who told Norton, the sorry bastard, to hijack my computer at a time which would be most painful to me? Not that this is a time when I generally do copious amounts of computer work, but rather a time when I should be OUT ON THE TOWN. But instead I am in front of my computer on a Friday night at 8 and there the little scanning status bar sits, mocking me and my loserness. Screw you, Norton.

* Recently SMILF recommended a few select wines, at my request, since the woman seems to know her vino. One of her suggestions was Sebeka Savignon Blanc, which I couldn't find at my local liquor store (the one that gives 20% off wine on Tuesdays!) but I did find another SB that had good reviews. My glass is already empty, just BEGGING to be refilled. And I think I'll indulge it (and me). PS: SMILF, and others, I can highly recommend Hopler's Gruner Veltliner. But beware, you may drink it like water like I did and find yourself creating a story fit for this week's Weekly Special. And your husband might be keen on you purchasing more, if you know what I mean.

* Kristin, from Give Me a Minute, I'll Come Up With Something, has been oh-so kind as to award us a Blog Love award! Thanks, Kristin! We've got all kinds of love for our readers too! Kristin sure was sweet to think that we could all agree on which 7 to choose as our favorite blogs, but alas the difficulties of working with a bunch of broads has rendered us incapable of spreading the wealth. Cat fights sure can get ugly, ESPECIALLY when we've got a trained fighter in the bunch. (And that Penelope, I hear she fights mean, pulling hair and throwing boob punches and all. I shudder to think of crossing her!)

* Speaking of Penelope... Since I have minded my P's and Q's and kept on the right side of her, she sent me a few books to read recently. One of those I mentioned here, because it was hi-larious, but one of the other ones is Memoirs of a Geisha. I know that this came out forever ago and so did the movie, but I had never investigated either one until Sunday night. And now I'm about to kill myself from reading it so fast and staying up until ONE THIRTY IN THE MORNING just to get through the 'good part,' which, unfortunately for me, is practically the whole damn thing. I had to just let it fall from my hands, it was that interesting.

* Maybe Molly, who has been contemplating geisha (and other whorish) type work as of late should read Memoirs? She does live in Nevada, after all, and has a killer English accent. Who wouldn't pay for that? Also, Molly is hosting her very own Fruitcake Friday in which she answers any and all questions that you ask her in a video post. Go see her and ask away! It's worth it just to hear her talk and act all uncomfortable when you ask *private* type questions! Oh, and last time she offered visual aides!

* So I posted that little poll about me doing the daily news... and 8 of you responded. Seven clicks for the 'your keyboard is a lucky piece of equipment' type response (ok, so maybe that wasn't exactly how it was worded). If the people demand it, I must oblige! But I might take breaks here and there, just to give myself some time off... Deal? Unless I start to feel like my Dem friends fight for the minority and underrepresented 2 voters who said 'take it or leave it' and I'll just tell those other 7 to be glad that they have the internet to look up the news themselves and my daily and I will proudly cease... :) (Come on now, Dems, don't be mad!)

* When will my camera ever get here after being left in Georgia? I have stuff that I need to share with the masses, people! USPS, get your shit together!

Well now, doesn't the bar look much better, now that I have cleaned up a bit?

3 tips left at the bar:

Anonymous said...

Do you really want me to use visuals this time, especially with the question you asked me?!!

penelope said...

It's no lie about the punches. I've been training on Wii boxing, you know.

Glad you liked Memoirs! Maybe pass it on to Andi when you're done? I think she'd like it, too.

I seriously haven't kept up with the news since you went on break. So sad. It's a lot of work doing those dailies, though!

Smilf said...

Oooh...I just saw this post. YUM on the SB! I am really getting into Pinot now as well. Mmm...