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Friday, August 22, 2008

WTFriday: Taking Your Moms To China

Did y'all hear about Misty May-Treanor spreading her mother's ashes on the sand after her gold medal match? Apparently she did the same thing in Athens after she and Kerri Walsh won the gold medal there.

I'm all for keeping the deceased close in your heart and all, but really? Putting some of Mrs. May on the sand at Chaoyang Park? What do you think the officials of the park thought? Quite honestly, I don't think I would want to leave precious pieces of my dearly departed all over the place. I'm thinking that I would want to find a special place to the two of us and scatter the last earthly remains there...

And she brought her mom's ashes over in a film canister type thing.

Note to A & E: If you are going to spread my flakey remains about, make damn sure that you put me in something nice. Not that I need a diamond crusted container, but something better than a film canister. Maybe a tupperware dish or a Ziploc baggie? Thanks.

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Molly said...

Hmm, not sure how I would feel about scattering my mom or dad's ashes so far away and in such a public place. Not sure I want my ashes scattered at all, I think they should sit in a martini glass by the fireplace so everyone still feels I am a part of the family!

Smilf said...

Okay, while this does seem a bit odd, I get it. Everyone deals with death differently and everyone wants different things done with their bodies, ashes, whatever. I thought it was kind of cool that she did this in a weird way. She did something that meant something to her which is cool.
I want my ashes spread in front of the Louis Vuitton store on Michigan Avenue so I can be tracked in and out of the store every day and engrained into the carpet. Is that so wrong?? LMAO

Andria said...

I have to agree with Smilf; I think it's pretty cool. Odd, yes, and far away and somewhat public, but it's personal and important and significant to her and that's important to her mom and she'd want to be there, I'm guessing.