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Friday, August 29, 2008

On Palin

Our political views (I think?) run the gamut here at Smartini, from Conservative to Liberal, to (like me) somewhere in-between. I confess that while I’m intrigued by John McCain’s appointment of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, I’m not really feeling the fire, either way. Intrigued, recognizing the surface craftiness of this move, politically, but not all fired up about it. My co-blogger over at (Mis)Adventures, however, is quite fired up over this decision, and so I invited her, as our first official Smartini Guest Barmaid ever, to share her thoughts with the bar. Thanks, m! Drinks are on the house.

image Brought to you by guest barmaid mendacious!


Having been made aware of her by the awesome people over at Swing State months ago, I was immediately the most politically informed I've been in a decade or 2. And let's face it I became entranced and hopeful. She's hot. She looks like Tina Fey, and she has no qualms about using a hair clip on one of the greatest days of her life. Also let's examine some of the middle-America hardcore conservative grand-slams she hit: big oil connections (and as a conservative I don't say that with a note of hatred either), down-syndrome baby (she could not get any more pro-life than that!), her son is being shipped to Iraq in 2 weeks, she hunts moose, member of the NRA, and has been married for 20 years... and dude, she gets props for being, hello, a woman, governor, in ALASKA no less!!  She is one tough cookie and probably has the smarts to match.

This was an expert "maverick" move by McCain. Any attempt to vilify her will be a slight against all women-kind and their ability to break through the great glass ceiling. And is that what any woman wants? Plus she's firmly to the right and McCain was wise to pick someone who conservatives would be happy with, because we're not that happy with him. This is the most excited I've been since Reagan was in office and I was cozy and warm by the great Republican hearth of the 80's.
Of course I can't share this with anyone in my office, because I haven't come out to them. Even though my Facebook profile says Conservative, that could mean anything. And though I have a comforting coalition, or as I like to say, my republican posse, we are in a thicket of the NDP forest here in LA. We all gathered round the telly to watch Palin announced and the sneers started and the screams of dismay and the derisive comments and I just stood silent with a chesire grin. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to face that fight, but even they all agreed that it was a f*cking smart move on McCain's part and I could not agree more.

Palin is as close to me putting a bumper sticker on my car as I'll ever get. Palin for President. Mmm, now that has a ring to it. Let's hope she doesn't disappoint. And by disappoint I mean, be embroiled in any sort of conspiracy, corruptions or infidelity... you know, a stand-up righteous person. Yah. Thanks to the ladies of Smartini for giving me a chance to come on out- loud and proud for this most awesome pick: Sarah Palin, Vice President.

Sincerely, Mendacious.  

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penelope said...

She really does look somewhat like Tina Fey, esp in that pic. Which, incidentally, is why I chose it.

Megan said...

I'm telling you what, this decision definitely makes things more interesting, doesn't it?!

I would bet that McCain knew he would have to choose a true conservative (to get the money from those supporters) and decided to go with a woman, JUST IN CASE it might sway people on the fence. What do you think?

All I know is I bet Hill is HOT over this! Being scooped by a REPUBLICAN! Aaaagh!

Anonymous said...

It took Senator Clinton decades to be even ready to run for president, and your buddy is willing to vote for some lady McCain practically picked up off a shelf. Sad. As an educated woman, I'll be voting for Obama, while your friend and her vagina can lead us down the path towards a reversal of all the gains women have made in the 20th century. Ah, the irony. When will Americans understand the difference between voting for a woman and voting for a feminist? Obama is a feminist.

Andi said...

Well, look at the balls on "Anonymous"

That's some irony.

Karen said...

I'm trying to reserve judgment until the VP debates. Palin is definitely an interesting choice, and an unexpected one at that. I will be tuned into the RNC. I have to admit, though, that McCain's VP pick will either be a brilliant political move, or political suicide. Only time will tell... I don't think Hillary supporters will automatically vote for Palin just because she is a woman. Their political views are diametrically opposed.

And Anonymous: since you feel so strongly about this, why not add a name to your thoughts?

almost anonymous said...

The Daily Show had a hilarious bit about the women Palin resembles...Tina Fey, Megan Mullally (of Will & Grace fame), and a couple others.

mendacious said...

i think anonymous is afraid of me and my awesome republican powers. and if i had maybe come to the table with my 2nd long island i'd tell them to f*ck off, muttering all the while that they're the ruin of america. but i won't do that. (who actually uses the word feminist and vagina in polite society. whackadoodles that's who.) as if i'm voting for her just because she's a woman. hello, it's called party loyalty. jack ass. i'm a conservative republican.

megan- totally agree with you here. i think he's doing a little one-up-manship here. and appealing to independent voters who care more about gender than policies. it would sway me. and i can tell you i wasn't going to be happy voting for mccain but palin sweetened the deal. on both counts.

though on karen's thoughts about political suicide- i think he can afford to go for broke. he's like 72 or whatever right? either way he'll go down in history. with a footnote if nothing else.

snarf. ha. ah. good times.
chin.chin. and drink up girls.

niki said...

Since Pen asked, here's what I think about this VP nom:

I think this nom is way, WAY too green for a national stage. I think the nom is too young, inexperienced and under-educated. (I'm just going to say it and you can call me an intellectual snob - A journalism degree from the Univ. of freaking IDAHO, a third tier school, does not qualify you to be second in command of the most powerful country in the world without a heck of a lot more experience. Palin, not so much.)

If she was a man, she never, EVER would've been selected and Republicans have admitted as much. For this reason, I and every single female citizen should be offended. She was not chosen for her skills, experience, or intellect. She was chosen simply because she is female. Palin is like Harriet Miers part two, with better looks and without the inside connections.

I am insulted that McCain thinks Hillary supporters and on-the-fence women are shallow enough to vote for a woman just because she is a woman; not to worry that she is the antithesis of every single policy issue touted by Hillary and espouses some beliefs that many middle-line women reject (notice I didn't say ALL, just many).

McCain is using her as a political pawn, and quite honestly she should be smart enough to know better.

As a former Miss Congeniality, I'm sure Palin is quite the fun girl. She does seem pretty down-to-earth, and in another dimension we might even like each other. But this is the part that concerns me - the "hockey mom" vibe and the lack of experience remind me so so much of the feelings I have about W. He'd be great to have a beer with, but has no business in charge of the nation. I just kind of want someone smarter than me to be at the controls, that's all.

Despite all this, and despite my obvious allegiance to the Obama camp, I hope she does well. I hope she doesn't have a massive screw-up. Why? Because if she does, it will be the rest of the women in politics and leadership who will have to make up for her shortcomings against the assumption that women can't hack it.

On the daughter/pregnancy front, I know I posted about the rumors and all, but hopefully you all understood that was in good fun and wasn't meant to smear her in any way (I tried to make it clear that they were, in my opinion, ridiculous stories). Her family has nothing to do with her politics, and I hope the Democrats keep it that way.

However, it pains me to no end to say it, but I can't help but think it: Is she physically, mentally, and emotionally up for this right now? I'm not saying working moms can't do it all, but sheesh. She JUST had little Trig. In addition to the nursing and the all-nighters, he's special needs. He's going to require so much extra attention with doctor visits and individual problems. I know this wouldn't be as much of an issue if she were a man, which is why it bothers me to even say it, but it's just a fact that as the mother there are physical demands and after-effects of birthing a baby that Dad doesn't have to deal with. It just seems like bad timing for her and I am impressed that she even thinks she has the stamina to pull it all off. Kudos to her for at least that much. Campaigning is exhausting, and if she can truly do it without falling to pieces, Bravo. I certainly couldn't.

There is so much more where that came from, but I think that covers the major points.

Andi said...

wow. Intelligent, rational political speak, what a concept!

I think it's helpful for each side to express their excitement and opinions, but be RESPECTFUL of others.

My brother and I were discussing how with such little experience, basically what Palin had going for her is that she is a young, pretty woman. And to be choosen for that "merit" is sexist and completely opposite of feminism, just like you pointed out. So, it is sad and it is scary to think of all she does have riding on her shoulders. I'm rooting for her, though, like you, not to screw it up. I think she is likeable, just not qualified at all. And this comes from someone completely non-political.

penelope said...

Yes, thank you, Nik! As a um, educated woman myself, who happens to also be on the fence in this election because I don't happen to share a majority of ideals with either party/candidate, I appreciate arguments from both sides. And I'm much more inclined to listen and respect said opinion when it's put forth in a thoughtful, non-aggressive manner. Sometimes anger undermines one's intelligence, is all I'm saying...

This is all directed toward anonymous. I really do appreciate your well-laid out argument and will take your words, as well as m's, into account when making my decision! Along with my other research.