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Friday, August 1, 2008

Animals in the News

I've had this link saved for a week or so and am finally getting around to posting it. It's not the main story I was interested in (sorry horses) but the slide show about Animals in the News. I just found a lot of it fascinating and there are even a few WTFriday stories - Cat nursing panda? 800 small dogs? Balding penguin?! There were a few GA ties, too, so I just enjoyed the pictures and tidbits. I'm sure Mendacious already knows all of these crazy animal stories and facts (love her Animal Facts Wednesdays), but hopefully she won't mind me sharing similar stories at the bar.

2 tips left at the bar:

penelope said...

This is a great supplement to the Animal Facts! My favs include the one-horned deer and that crazy-looking sea dragon.

Also, good to know there's a wheelchair out there for dogs. Just in case, Bender!

Let's just hope a two-foot crocodile never wanders over to Smartini. It's safe to say I'd never pose with one, doesn't matter how many drinks I've had.

mendacious said...

here!here! to the big wideworldofanimals!