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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A small buffet of funny

For Ashley (NSFW? Uses language not normally promoted here on Smartini, namely, the F in WTFriday)

See more John Mayer videos at Funny or Die

From one of my favorite episodes of The Office (UK) (I'm not sure how well this plays out of context, but in my little world it makes me laugh)

A matter after my own heart - Chris Rock tells you how to not get beat up by the police (It's Chris Rock; you know it's got foul language not normally used on Smartini. Consider yourself warned.)

3 tips left at the bar:

Andi said...

Hi-larious!! Thanks, Nik. Knew we could count on you.

ashley said... line in the whole Mayer video? "If I can't get the girl, why don't I just tell her I'm John Mayer?" LOVES IT!

And the Chris Rock video? I almost peed when the mad woman said, "He got weed!"

penelope said...

I heart The Office, doesn't matter what country it's done in. Good clips!