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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It is such a difficult choice. I knew there had to be something big that stuck out in my mind as a memorable scene from TV, but I like dramas and it's kind of hard to pick just one moment without all of the back, well, drama that leads up to and culminates in that moment. I'm not sure it would be the same. Or, how could I pick just one snarky moment from House? So, I went a different route. This scene is definitely memorable! But, for all of the melodramatic wrong reasons. I wasn't surprised it was super easy to find, too.

And just to lament the loss of such a great show, this first kiss scene between Veronica and Logan was one of the first episodes I watched of Veronica Mars and it got me hooked. I'm always a sucker for the unsuspecting love story. I love all of the tension.

But, it had such great writing, witty banter, I had to include a scene with some dialogue, too, which was harder to find than I thought it should be.*

*I don't understand all of the video montages people make putting clips to music. What am I missing?

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niki said...

I ALMOST picked Veronica and Logan, too. Such a fantastic little show. Still pissed they canceled it, but at least Piz got another job in Addison's practice!

And it's not you that's missing something, it's the people making the montages - a life.